Meet your ig team

current events

INSPECTIONS: The Inspected General office conducted vertical inspection for the communications flight during the month of March. The report was signed by the wing commander and then distributed to the communications flight commander. Overall the inspection went really well and helped identify areas of strength and areas that need more work. 

EXERCISE: The IG office facilitated a tabletop exercise in April and went through 3 different scenerios to exercise different plans to include the installations emergency plan. This plan walked the group through the steps of what to do during a Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning to ensure safety throughout the base. The IG office is still working on solidifying details for the large scale exercise in August. This will be a great opportunity for units to demonstrate specific functions related to their military jobs and will allow members to perform tasks that are not part of their everyday duties.

IDEAS: The IG is requesting ideas for potential process improvement events. Please send your ideas to the IGI email, which can be found on the global address directory.

schedule of events

Below is the Inspector General's schedule for January 2018 through December 2018 for the wing.

  • January 2018 - Inspection
  • February 2018 - Inspection
  • March 2018 - Inspection
  • April 2018 - Exercise and Inspection
  • May 2018 - Inspection
  • June 2018 - Awareness campaign
  • July 2018 - Preparing for August Exercise and Program Inspections
  • August 2018 - Exercise, Survey, and Program Inspections
  • September 2018 - Inspection
  • October 2018 - Exercise and Inspection
  • November 2018 - Inspection
  • December 2018 - Inspection

10 rules to live by

  • You must mentor
  • Zero tolerance for lying
  • Do not be a burden
  • Don't be late
  • Chain of Command is important
  • Give honest answers
  • Customer support is crucial
  • The key to success is selflessness
  • Keep it at the lowest level
  • Don't expect praise, but give it

Major graded areas

  • Managing resources
  • Leading people
MGA 3 
  • Improving the unit
  • Executing the mission