84th Civil Support Team among nation's best

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  • Wyo. Military Department
The Wyoming National Guard's 84th Civil Support Team, which responds to calls of potential weapons of mass destruction, was identified as being in the top one percent of the nation's civil support teams.

The 84th's abilities were evaluated on a base and in environments that simulate how it would respond to a community's request for assistance.

In an external evaluation, the unit successfully completed 570 of 579 tasks, scoring a 98.5 percent rating, which was the best score for Civil Support Team Region 6. The region includes Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

A second evaluation covered 749 tasks, including budget, communications, logistics, medical readiness, personnel, physical security and safety. The 84th scored a 97 percent, completing 737 of the tasks. The completion percentage earned the unit a rating in the "Band of Excellence" and the scores were higher than the national average in all categories.

The unit's personnel are among the best in the state. As a whole, the members of the unit include a Bronze Star for Valor recipient, a Purple Heart recipient, one doctorate, one doctoral candidate, three troops working on graduate degrees and 84 percent of the unit qualified as expert shooters.

The 84th is made up of Wyoming Army and Air National Guardsmen. All of the Guardsmen in the unit are full-time and on call, ready to respond to help detect or deal with potential weapons of mass destruction.