Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves short on volunteers

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  • Wyo. Military Department
Volunteers to help military servicemembers and their civilian employers are needed throughout Wyoming.

The Wyoming field office for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) utilizes volunteers to help our National Guardsmen and Reservists bridge the gaps with their employers, keeping both our nation's military efforts and our civilian responsibilities flowing smoothly.

ESGR, a Department of Defense agency, operates through a network of thousands of volunteers nationwide. Those volunteers, with as little as a few hours per month, can affect the lives of hundreds of National Guardsmen, Reservists, and their employers.

"The work done by volunteers can improve the relationship between employers and the brave men and women that place themselves in harm's way," said Cheyenne architect and retired Wyoming Air National Guard Brig. Gen. Stephan Pappas, Wyoming's ESGR chairman. "This helps bring a peace of mind to those troops leaving their families and careers to preserve our nation's way of life."

Volunteers inform troops of their rights as servicemembers and their responsibilities to their civilian employers. The volunteers also help employers understand their rights and what they should expect from their Guard and Reserve employees.

Awards and recognition of outstanding supporters of our Guard and Reservists are also performed by ESGR volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering, call Janet Cowley, executive director of the Wyoming field office for ESGR at 307-772-5376, or email at janet.cowley@us.army.mil.