Wyoming Guard begins closing down flood activation duties

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  • Wyoming Military Department
Weather conditions have changed allowing state officials to demobilize the Soldiers and Airmen

The more than 300 Wyoming National Guard Soldiers and Airmen deployed to Fremont County to assist residents with flood mitigation will begin leaving the area June 18.

Officials have determined the change in weather patterns has decreased the threat of additional flooding in the county enough to dispatch the military personnel, who have been working against the rising waters with local residents and other state and volunteer agencies since June 7. The military personnel filled roughly 446,000 sandbags during their mission.

"Our Soldiers and Airmen did an exceptional job of assisting Fremont County in its time of need," said Maj. Gen. Ed Wright, Wyoming's adjutant general. "We take our mission to protect and serve the residents of Wyoming very seriously and are pleased we could assist with this mission."

At the peak of the activation, close to 400 Wyoming National Guard Soldiers and Airmen were on the ground in Fremont County, making this the largest state active duty mission since the Yellowstone National Park fires more than 20 years ago.