153rd Services Flight mixes things up, serves brunch

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Leisa Grant
  • 153rd Airlift Wing
When 153rd Airlift Wing members gather here at the dining facility, DFAC, each drill weekend, they can catch up with airmen from other units, talk shop and enjoy a warm meal. This month they were able to do all of this earlier than normal as the 153rd Services Flight served a late breakfast in place of lunch Sunday.

The brunch consisted of mostly typical breakfast items because Services airmen--who generally prepare lunch only--needed to complete training in preparing, cooking and serving breakfast to a large group of people, such as the hundreds who frequent the dining facility each UTA weekend.

When it comes to serving this many people there are a number of factors nobody thinks about, said Senior Airman Luis Rojas, a Services specialist and full-time railroad conductor outside of drill. This includes the hours required to properly prep the kitchen, menu selection and customer requests, assigning roles to each airman and ensuring safety and sanitary practices all the while.

While wing personnel had to adjust their schedules to accommodate an earlier meal, Services airmen did not deviate much from their typical routine. Reporting at 6 a.m. may have seemed early for a meal that began at 9:30 a.m. but it was the same time they would ordinarily report to begin prep for lunch.
However, there were some differences and a few challenges.

Working with a newer grill, one that had not been used for breakfast until Sunday, Airmen manning it had to perform multiple omelet tests. Perfecting the process in practice would equate to being able to quickly serve the many hungry airmen that were soon to line up. Because this is one of the most highly sought-after breakfast items, "ugly" eggs were a big concern.

Senior Airman Katie Lovato and Airman 1st Class Emma Lea, 153 AW Services airmen, both expressed an initial frustration when the eggs continued to stick to grill. Multiple techniques, varying heat levels and a few non-sticking agents were used and eventually everything worked out and hundreds of omelets were served to wing members and guests.

Of all the challenges to making a meal--showing up early, dealing with malfunctioning equipment and keeping food at the right temperatures--the biggest one in the eyes of Master Sgt. Olivia Hoffmaster, 153 AW Services Flight Superintendent, is none of the above, but rather, trying to please everyone.

Many airmen came because they were curious about brunch.

"It's new and exciting," said Lt. Col. Gallegos, 153rd Logistics Squadron commander, who made it a point to try brunch though he said he does not always eat lunch at the DFAC.

Gallegos said breakfast is a meal that boosts morale for airmen, but he also noticed the morale seemed high for the Services airmen as well.

"It seems like the team is excited about what they are doing today," he said.

Gallegos was right. Behind the scenes Senior Airman Shaundra Smith, a Services journeyman on drill weekends and recruiting administrative assistant full-time, said she enjoyed cooking and works with a great team that was excited to change things up a bit.