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  • Col. Stephen Rader appointed as Director of the Joint Staff

    Col. Stephen Rader has been temporarily appointed as Director of the Joint Staff for the Wyoming Military Department effective immediately.He is assuming the position from Col. Greg Porter, who has received another assignment in Washington D.C. to further his professional development.Rader was serving as the Air Liaison Officer for the Air National
  • A life of service

    It's 1969, Richard M. Nixon is in the Oval Office, "The Brady Bunch" is on television, the hippies are at Woodstock and Neil Armstrong is the first person to set foot on the moon.In 1969, the men and women of the armed forces are at war in Vietnam while our nation is at war with itself, its civil rights and its identity. Across the country, be it
  • 84th Civil Support Team always on-call; always ready

    At 1 a.m., most of the population of the state of Wyoming find themselves in the middle of their REM cycle; sound asleep and completely carefree. Maj. Christopher Troesh, commander of the 84th Civil Support Team (CST), doesn't have the luxury of being carefree and he has little familiarity with a REM cycle as he rarely gets enough sleep to
  • 153rd Maintenance Group earns award

    Airmen of the Wyoming Air National Guard's 153rd Maintenance Group were the recipients of the Air National Guard's 2012 Maintenance Effectiveness Award in the medium category. The award was presented Aug. 3.The group was selected out of submissions from the 89 flying wings across the country. Effectiveness awards are presented annually and are
  • 153rd Airlift Wing changes command

    Col. Michael R. Taheri assumed command of the Wyoming Air National Guard's 153rd Airlift Wing in a ceremony Saturday, at Central High School, in Cheyenne, Wyo.Taheri assumed command from Col. Stephen E. Rader. Rader will be assigned to the Wyoming Military Department Joint Force Headquarters as the air liaison officer, in Cheyenne.The 153rd Airlift
  • Wyoming Air National Guard Facelift's coming to fruition

    What comes to mind when you hear the word facelift? One of the possible definitions of facelift, according to Webster's Dictionary is "an alteration, restoration, or restyling intended especially to modernize." Whatever picture you paint in your head when you hear these words, one common theme runs among all associated terms: improvement. However,
  • Welsh meets with Wyoming's Total Force Airmen

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III and his wife, Betty, visited with Airmen of 153rd Airlift Wing at the Wyoming Air National Guard Base here July 19.During an Airman's call, Welsh applauded the 153rd Airlift Wing's role in hosting the Air National Guard's first active duty associate unit, the 30th Airlift Squadron, as well as their
  • A battle without bruises

    Imagine hearing the following news: all-out-war has been declared. As a military member you have the unfortunate job of relaying this information to family and friends. You are going into battle and might not make it back out, at least not without battle scars. . . or will you?Now imagine possessing the ability to perform search and rescue